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LoudKirbyKing Fan Comic
LoudKirbyKing Fan Comic

A Modern Look

This is as of November 5, 2011.

This was a series I did as a small hobby years ago when I was younger. Looking back on it, it's really not that great and it focuses a lot on "random" humor which was a big trend at several message boards for a while. However, it apparently has some fans, so I left the comics up and will see if I can find some old fillers I had earlier.

I also replaced most of the "remakes" with the originals, as the remakes had awful text coloring. Also, most of the author comments now have "modern comment" additions, which are personal comments as of today looking back.

Thanks to anyone who happens to come across this today and enjoys it. You're allowed to use the characters if you come across the sprites.

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